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The Pop! Promos Face Mask Collection

Cotton, Creativity & Compliance

If you're looking for face masks that will satisfy your clients' every need, then look no further. The Pop! Promos Face Mask Collection offers you unparalleled options to create the perfect mask that's on-brand, on-budget and on-time.  Made from 100% cotton, these CDC compliant masks offer comfort for all day wear while still giving you the customization options that your clients desire. Read more below and request your free samples and virtuals, because with these masks seeing (and feeling) is truly believing!

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What Makes Pop! Face Masks Different?

We get it, there are a LOT of masks in the market right now. But not all of them are created equal. While some masks offer you full color printing, they are on polyester fabric which makes breathing difficult and uncomfortable. When there's the prospect of wearing it for long periods of time during the day, people will opt for cotton almost every single time. On the other hand, you have a very limited number of suppliers offering cotton masks (or a single layer of cotton with polyester). However, they are only offering you a couple screenprinted colors in a small area, reducing your ability to pitch amazing, custom products to your clients. (Anyone can send them a single-color screenprinted mask!) 

Pop! masks are different because we offer all the benefits of cotton (lawn, poplin and voile) in multiple layers, and with the unique ability to print full-color designs. Our masks are comfortable enough for all-day wear, breathable and have tons of room for branding opportunities. You don't have to sacrifice! Make sure you request a sample in the form below, because once you feel the difference and see the branding, you'll be sold before you even start selling.

The Cotton Advantage

The benefits of using cotton for face masks are many. Experts recommend using cotton for face masks because it has a very tight weave. This tight weave means smaller holes, and better filtration of airborne particles. In addition, cotton is softer on the face, making for greater comfort and all-day wearability. For example, the cotton used on our Full Color Cotton Face Mask and our Adjustable Full Color Cotton Face Mask is combed cotton. Combed cotton is 100% cotton that has gone through an extra step in the production process: combing! The combing helps create a thinner thread and a tighter weave, for a silky-smooth, breathable finished product. Our Triple Ply Deluxe Cotton Face Mask uses cotton poplin and cotton voile for deeper saturated prints while still retaining their comfort and breathability.



The CDC has published the following recommendations for how to protect yourself and others from contracting or spreading COVID-19 via face masks:

• Cover your mouth and nose with a face mask or covering in public settings, or when around those who don’t live in your household.
• Multiple layers of tightly woven cotton fabric are recommended.

Our face mask collection was created with these guidelines in mind, and each of our products is thoroughly tested for safety and compliance to ensure you get a product you can trust.


comparing our collection


Price (R) @ 500qty




Full Color Printing

100% Cotton

Layers of Cotton




Adjustable Ear Straps


Metal Nose Clips


Filter Pocket


*3rd layer of cotton available as an add on for both the Adjustable Full Color Cotton Face Mask and the Full Color Cotton Face Mask.

Our Favorite Add Ons

Inside Printing

Full Color
Insert Card

Hang Tag

Full Color

For any custom add on, simply ask your Pop! Sales Rep for pricing on your project!

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