Sustainability at Pop! Promos

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Promise

Pop! Promos is committed to running a business that is sustainable from environmental, social, and financial perspectives. This commitment is embodied through our product development, operational choices, philanthropy, and CSR commitments with a focus on environmental sustainability and improving our local community.

As we continue to grow, our overall potential impact on our communities, environment, and society increases. We have created a CSR Committee to formally articulate our goals, priorities, and policies in regards to our corporate citizenship. Our committee is comprised of individuals from various departments, who meet monthly to formulate plans of action for ongoing engagement in local initiatives as well as sustainability-driven choices for our business that will lessen our carbon footprint on a larger scale.

Our CSR Plan

  • Offsetting Carbon Emissions

  • Eliminate Single Use Plastics

  • Supporting Our City

  • Sustainable Products & Materials

  • Supplier Code of Conduct

  • Overseas Efforts

Offsetting Carbon Emissions

When you ship on Pop!’s UPS account, you not only know your costs up front, but now you're also choosing a Certified Carbon Neutral shipment method! Starting August 1, 2022 every order shipped from Pop! Promos on our UPS account will have its carbon emissions offset using 3rd party verified carbon offsets.

UPS Carbon Offset

Recent Social Work

  • Norris Square Neighborhood Project

  • School Supplies Drive

Norris Square Neighborhood Project

Recently, a few Pop! volunteers joined forces with Tristan Fuentes, a Co-Urban Garden Manager at Norris Square Neighborhood Project, in assisting with some weeding work in one of their local gardens. The experience was both humbling and eye-opening for our staff, "Volunteering at Norris Square was such a rewarding experience! I'm a newer employee at Pop!, and it was a great way to both give back to my community while also bonding with my new coworkers." 

The volunteers spent the afternoon learning about how the garden projects impact the community while they weeded and made way for new growth. "It was great to have the group from Pop! Promos come to our gardens here at Norris Square Neighborhood Project. With the help of the group, we were able to weed out and clean up our Raíces garden to prep it for a new river rock path. This garden will soon serve as a permanent farm stand location and continue to preserve these Puerto Rican green spaces in the neighborhood," Tristan said of our visit.

Once the hard work was finished, the team was lucky enough to receive a tour of other local gardens from Tristan, to see what their progress would soon turn into. We are so thankful for the opportunity to learn about the culture, thoughtfulness, and community that goes into each garden project.

For our readers that are located in the Philadelphia area, check out some of the opportunities that Norris Square Neighborhood Project has to offer. Every Saturday from 10am-1pm at 2217 N 2nd St they host a farm stand that happens right outside of the same garden the team worked on. You can also sign up to volunteer on one of their volunteer days - every 4th Saturday of each month from 10am-2pm, at their local Las Parcelas garden! For more information, check out their website here:

Meet the CSR Committee!

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