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It's never been more important than now to have options to get promotional products into the hands of your clients' customers and employees. That's why we developed Pop! Promos Mailer Kits, to reach those important end users where they home, school or the office. Designing and sending thousands of products to thousands of people across the country may sound complex, but it doesn't have to be! At Pop!, we pride ourselves in making business as simple as possible. All we need from you is a client logo and a mailing list and we can literally do the rest. 

Read more below and view our kits to get your ideas flowing. There are use cases and custom flyers for most of our products (with more on the way!). Don't see what you need? Fill out the form below and we'll get you the pricing and delivery details right away.

Four Easy Steps to a Happy Mailer Kit Experience

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Chose one of our all-inclusive Mailer kits or build your own mailer kit with up to 3 Pop! Promos products. Make the most of your mailer kit by adding a full color postcard, greeting card, or flyer with your own custom messaging! Stuck on what to say? Your Pop! Rep can help you craft your message with our pre-made templates and in-house design team.

When you’ve chosen your products, you can use our downloadable Fulfillment Charges Calculator below to estimate your postage and packaging based on your order quantity (MOQ: 250).

Your Pop! Rep will work with you to determine the best packaging options for your kit. We can even add customer-provided stickers or branded packaging at your request!

All Inclusive Mailer Kits

Click on any of  the images below to learn more about each kit, get pricing, and request flyers!

Build Your Own Mailer Kit!

Ready to get started? 

Download our Fulfillment Charges Calculator to estimate the pricing and packaging options for your custom kit. 

*Please note that this calculator estimates the pricing for fulfillment services only. Your final Mailer Kit pricing will include the cost of the product(s) as well as the cost of fulfillment services.

*The pricing in this calculator may change based on product-specific add-ons that can impact the weight and size of your mailer kit or changes in USPS shipping rates. Please confirm pricing with your Sales rep before placing your order. 

Having trouble? We're here to help! Use our chat function or reach out to your Sales rep for assistance in creating and pricing your perfect custom kit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question on this list? Reach out to your dedicated rep for more information.

I placed my order! Now what?

Check out our helpful tools, or reach out to your Pop! Sales Rep for an update on your order. We'll be here to answer your questions every step of the way!

How can I pitch these to my clients?

We have a variety of handy, downloadable tools to help you pitch and sell Mailer Kits to your clients.

You can request custom branded flyers for our pre-made kits on the kit's product page, or by reaching out to your Pop! Rep.

Can I include other products, gift cards, or food items in my Mailer Kit?

No, at this time we cannot include any outside items in our Mailer Kits.

How will my Mailer Kit ship?

Depending on your product and shipping selections, your kit will be sent via USPS First Class Flats, USPS First Class Packages, or UPS.

How long does it take to deliver Mailer Kits?

The delivery time will vary based on the products in your kit. For product-specific production timelines, check the product page. 

Additional time for kitting your items depends on the total quantity of kits in your order, starting at 3 days.

Delivery with USPS or UPS will generally add 3-5 days.

Can I put my brand's logo on the outside of the kit?

Yes! We can package your kits in custom packaging, or apply branded  stickers to the outside of our generic mailer packaging. Custom packaging and stickers must be provided by the customer. 


How do I read my quote?

Your final quote will have 5 pieces.

Product Cost refers to the cost of the products included in your Mailer Kit.

Shipping refers to the cost to ship your kits. Shipping method varies based on your product selection.

Packaging refers to the packaging materials needed for your kit. This will vary based on the products you select.

Postcard refers to the cost to print and manage your custom messaging. This fee will vary for postcards, greeting cards, and flyers.

Handling Fee refers to the cost to track, package, and get your kits out the door as quickly as possible. This fee will vary based on the number of products in your kit and your total order quantity.

Are there any restrictions on Mailer Kit delivery addresses?

Currently, we can only ship Mailer Kits to residential or business addresses within the United States.


Can I change my address list after I've submitted it?

You must provide your addresses within 10 days of order placement. Changes to this address list may not be made after this date, as our shipping team processes labels far in advance of orders shipping.


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