Pop! Eco

Eco-Friendly and Fully Customizable!

Eco-friendly options in branded merchandise have become extremely important to end users, distributors and to suppliers. At Pop! Promos, we understand and applaud the efforts of our industry to move towards sustainable and recycled options that help to reduce waste and preserve the environment for generations to come. Working with our factories, we were able to develop new production techniques  allowing us to continue to design and customize at the levels that Pop! is known for, while introducing new products and materials like organic cotton and RPET! We see a bright future for the Pop! Eco line and are excited to be working on many more product options for you in the future!

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Pop! Promos we feel that we have an obligation as a corporate citizen to be thoughtful and purposeful in how our conduct impacts our environment, community, and society at large. Our Corporate Social Responsibility program addresses our environmental impact through the following approach.

Environmental Sustainability - How do we make our operations more harmonious with the long-term viability of earth for human inhabitation? Key areas that we are focusing on for this purpose are creating more sustainable products, eliminating single use plastic, and offsetting our carbon emissions.

More About Our Eco Materials

Organic cotton is sustainably grown and can be added on to products like our Dress Socks and Ankle Socks as an upgrade for a more environmentally conscious takeaway. 

RPET stands for Recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). PET is the plastic used to make things like water bottles and food storage containers. Recycled PET plastics are broken into tiny flakes, melted down, and spun into yarn so the material can be reused to help keep plastic bottles from entering our oceans and landfills. This process allows us to repurpose the material into reusable, durable products!

Click on the image below to download a client friendly Eco PDF flyer!

Client Friendly Eco Flyer

Ready to get started on some product designs?

As you browse the website, just look for the Pop! Eco logos on the product pages and pricing grids.

See the list of products below, including our Recycled Canvas Fanny Pack or upgraded Malibu Glasses with recycled plastic frames!

Pop! Eco!