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Trust is something we earn with every order

This is a difficult time in our industry. Distributors are working harder than ever to close business as the economy moves back into full swing but suppliers are having serious challenges fulfilling those hard-won orders due to low inventory levels, delayed shipments, and staffing shortfalls. These serious issues aren’t the result of mismanagement at industry suppliers - they’re just symptoms of a broken supply chain.

While we don’t take any pleasure in our competitors’ struggles, we're proud to announce that Pop! Promos continues to guarantee our production times, inventory levels, and pricing on EVERY ORDER. In fact, we see Pop! Promos’ industry leading 98% on time delivery rate as the most compelling reason yet to trust your business to Pop! Promos!

Due to delays at other suppliers, you can now work with Pop! Promos to supply your customer with PMS Matched and full-color printed, custom-manufactured products in the same amount of time, or less, it will take you to get a basic stock items elsewhere.

With Pop! Promos you get:

  • Unlimited inventory (we make everything from scratch)
  • Guaranteed production times (if we miss your in-hands date, we refund you)
  • Our industry leading 98% on-time and accurate delivery rate
  • Delivery on all products between 9-25 working days (depending on the product!)
  • A 91 NPS Score - that means 99 out of 100 clients would recommend us to a friend!

So when it comes to trusting that important project to a supplier, know that you can trust Pop!.